Nintendo to enter mobile gaming market


With the growing mobile gaming trend nowadays, Nintendo, the well-known game maker in Japan, has finally announced plans to release five games for the smartphones by the end of March 2017.

That’s a very cool way to broaden the company’s market value and global prominence, isn’t it?

The good news was made by Satoru Iwata, CEO of Nintendo Co., Ltd., and CEO of Nintendo of America during an investor presentation in Japan. Apparently, the big plan of entering into the mobile game world was the effect of the recent partnership with Japanese mobile company DeNA.

Despite the plan, the company has not yet announced further information about which game, platform, type of game or characters will be used. Obviously, Nintendo is very much careful in selecting the games and the characters in it.

Well, it is better to be slow in picking than to rush and regret everything. With the company’s credibility in the gaming market, of course, failing is their least priority.

“Regarding the number of the titles, you may want to know that we will release approximately five titles by the end of the next fiscal year, which is the end of March 2017. You may think it is a small number, but when we aim to make each title a hit, this is not a small number at all and should demonstrate our serious commitment to the smart device business,” Nintendo‚Äôs CEO said in an interview.

To all Nintendo users, rest assured that the Japanese company would eventually establish a new successful business approach in the mobile game industry. You just have to wait and see what Nintendo and DeNa Co. have in the global market before you judge them; after all, these two companies are doing their best to give their consumers a quality service they truly deserve.

  1. Clint Lewis

    Finally! I thought we’re gonna wait years before this happens.

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