Nintendo and DeNa Deal – the ‘Most crucial’ partnership mobile gaming industry has ever had

Nintendo and Dena

Are you excited about Nintendo’s mobile gaming plan? Do you want to have access to their games sometime in the future? No worries, Nintendo and mobile game developers DeNA will make it happen with their recent collaboration.

DeNa CEO Shintaro Asako says the Nintendo partnership is an opportunity to completely change the landscape of mobile gaming.

I guess, we’re almost there at the point where we can start speculating about which Nintendo franchises will turn up officially on mobile, as both companies have come out saying the first game will be out by end of 2015, with the rest following until April 2017.

Asako said that these five games will feature five Nintendo IPs (intellectual properties), and each game will be in the RPG and casual gaming genre. I know that you can’t wait to see how DeNA mixes it up though.

“We want to make sure out of those five IP that we can end up attracting hundreds of millions of people,” the CEO added.

DeNA has said that its partnership with Nintendo is the “most crucial” partnership the outfit has ever had. Considering it has already worked with Marvel, the Transformers, and Disney, those are pretty big words. That will only bring up the hype, with people already expecting Mario, Link (Legend of Zelda), and all the familiar names to feature in the games.

When initially explaining Nintendo’s vision for the mobile market, President Satoru Iwata said that the focus the companies would be on the long-term commitment to each mobile game through “ever-evolving services”, rather than simply releasing a high volume of titles.

Sure enough, the partnership of DeNa and Nintendo will bring us awesome mobile games soon. It’s pretty clear that the two companies are determined to create numerous great game designs.

With this, Nintendo players and mobile gamers look forward to some true mobile gems starting later this year. Hopefully, the two companies will be true to their promise of giving the public their “ever-evolving services!”

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