Monster Strike: a monster-hit in Japan


Monster Strike, an action role-playing game made by Mixi, has been creating a monstrous hit in the mobile gaming world since 2013.

Mixi, a Japanese mobile gaming and social networking company, has revealed on its recent financial report that Monster Strike brings in $3.8 million every day and the company has amassed over $350 million in revenue for the 4th quarter alone.

What’s more, there has been an 828.9 percent increase in sales through the past year. Which means there is no really doubt that Monster Strike is now a monster hit after its launch in October 2013.

Due to the company’s success, a Nintendo 3DS version of Monster Strike will be released late this year. In addition to that, a television animation series based on the game is also set to broadcast in Japan this 2015.

Many people wonder if it can be the next billion dollar movie game franchise in Japan just like Puzzles & Dragons, a mobile game that has made over $1 billion in the past two years. Well, we can say that it is really possible for Monster Strike to be on top of the game provided that there will be more million downloads per day.

Currently, 90 percent of the Monster Strike downloads are coming from mobile game players in Japan. Well, if Mixi really wants Monster Strike to be a global hit, it must market the game in other countries like United States, UK, Australia, especially in China where mobile gaming becomes a quick hit among its citizens.

Aside from focusing on penetrating the global market with Monster Strike, Mixi should also consider making another hit mobile game. No doubt their future games will also be of huge success like Monster Strike.

Creating games for everyone to enjoy among friends is Mixi’s goal, a goal which is easy to reach especially now that the company is on top of their game. Well, thanks to the widely known Monster Strike. What a monster-hit indeed!

  1. Christopher Dinger

    I’m ashamed to admit that I like playing this game. It’s as addicting as Candy Crush.

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