Konami to pursue mobile gaming


Mobile gaming market is undeniably growing.

Along with this growth, Japanese game developer Konami believes that mobile gaming is the future. According to the report from games marketing platform AppLift, the mobile gaming market is expected to reach $23.9 billion in 2016, and is expected to grow rapidly in the succeeding years.

And now, numerous big companies and developers like Konami are interested to venture on the said market because of the promise of greater money and fame. In fact, Konami plans to aggressively pursue mobile development soon.

Konami believes that mobile is where the future of gaming lies and that mobile will become the developer’s platform, adopting a “pay-as-you-play” model that has become common in this sector.

The developer cites the popularity of games such as Power Pro and Winning Eleven as the examples of the promise of mobile gaming. These games have in-game transactions that provide players with additional contents that make them more attractive to players.

Now this sounds promising to mobile gamers.

“I felt strongly that from now on, mobile will be at the heart of game platforms, and that we need a business strategy which creates games in accordance with observations of consumer usage trends. Arcade games, console games, card games; we need to shift from selling ‘physical things to selling ‘intangible things,” Konami CEO Hideki Hayawaka told the Nikkei Trendy.

Well, it looks like Konami’s priorities have changed– from its focus on traditional platforms to development of mobile games– for they believe that they can get more people involved in gaming through this new venture.

Surely, they can focus on mobile space but the question still lingers in every player’s mind – will Konami pull out of publishing games for consoles and PC?

We sure hope not!

After all, we still want to see Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain and of course, the new Silent Hill titles in the market.

  1. Stephen Perez

    That’s great news. Hope Konami will develop awesome mobile games.

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