Former Rovio exec launches Futureplay Games


After he left the Angry Birds maker in January, Former EVP of Rovio Entertainment, Jami Laes, has officially launched Futureplay Games, a new mobile gaming studio based in Helsinki, Finland.

The recently founded Futureplay Games plans to create a new category of “view-to-play” games – broadly accessible gameplay with a natural integration and rewarding ad-based monetization. The “view-to-play” feature gives players access to gameplay after watching monetized video ads.

“We believe in view-to-play gaming for a simple reason—it is faster, cheaper, and more fun to watch an ad than pay for an in-app purchase,” the veteran exec said. He added that they are confident that the veteran team they have assembled at Futureplay Games will be a key in driving a new era of mobile games that take these exciting opportunities to the next level and create a new category of iGaming.

Aside from Laes, the Finland-based mobile game studio also features other professionals with more than 60 years of experience from the gaming industry and from companies such as EA, Rovio, Remedy, Boomlagoon and Reaktor. The talents who are bound to build new future foundation and standard for mobile games are the following: Kai Auvinen, former VP Games and Executive Producer at Remedy Entertainment; Mika Rahko, former Rovio alum; Arttu Maki, former Rovio level designer and Boomlagoon VP of Design; and Toumas Huhtanen, former Reaktor veteran.

The collaboration of these great talents for the Futureplay Games will be fruitful considering their extensive and international background in mobile gaming industry, and we can’t deny the fact that their professionalism and good management skills are plus factors as well.

If they have made Rovio Entertainment’s Angry Birds successful and widespread, surely, their new mobile game will be a hit soon.

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