Check out Kabam’s first ever Star Wars mobile game


Star Wars universe has finally reached mobile gaming space. Thanks to Disney, Kabam and Lucasfilm!

Walt Disney Co. has officially announced the new mobile game Star Wars: Uprising, which will be set in the era between Return of the Jedi and the upcoming The Force Awakens.

The touch-based game will focus around “key events” in the Anoat Sector of the Star Wars galaxy, inclusive of Hoth and Cloud City. Plus, players are allowed to create characters and pick among four different races.

Aside from creating characters, users can also go on missions and organize crews and factions to participate in wide-ranging battles. Lastly, they have the option of playing as a smuggler, a bounty hunter, a rebel guerrilla, a diplomat, a gambler, and other thrilling roles.

Star Wars: Uprising, a role-playing game developed by San Francisco’s Kabam RPG Studio, will be free to play. According to Aaron Loeb, a senior executive at Kabam, those willing to invest the time will be able to play the full game without spending any cents, but players will have the opportunity to buy gear, crew members and numerous other customizable options, that is, if they want to.

See? No pressure! Anyway, buying or not, they can still enjoy the game.

Moreover, when the game progresses, and moves toward into an uprising against the Empire in the Anoat Sector, Star Wars players will be able to mold characters up to their liking. The excitement is getting higher with this awesome feature.

For sure, players also wonder about the people behind the said game. Well, does the name Daniel Erickson ring a bell? That’s because he’s a former creative director on “Star Wars: The Old Republic.” What about Danny Keller, an animation supervisor on “Star Wars: The Clone Wars?” You have to thank these two guys for bringing Star Wars to our mobile phones.

Now the new mobile game, developed through the collaboration of Walt Disney Co. and Lucasfilm, will be released in the fall.

Certainly, this will be very exciting for Star Wars fans and mobile gamers alike. The fans and users will definitely think about how much new Star Wars stuff they’ll have before the highly anticipated showing of Star Wars: The Force Awakens in December. And we can’t wait for that!

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