MSI, Tobii to launch the concept GT72 laptop soon

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Collaboration between MSI and eye-tracking company Tobii has just been announced to the global market. Such partnership aims to create eye-tracking-enabled gaming laptops to be launched soon.

According to MSI, they will be showcasing the concept GT72 laptop at Computex this week, assuring the public that it’s just the first product in a long line of expected shared projects over the succeeding months. This sounds very cool and promising knowing the fact that not all laptop companies can make awesome eye-tracking-enabled gaming laptops.

The idea of using eye-tracking on a gaming laptop is something very original. While testing the technology with Assassins Creed PC game, the trio of short-range infrared sensors monitors your eye movement. More importantly, it allows you to regulate your field of vision to where you want to in the game. Instead of turning the camera with a mouse or buttons, you just need to look to where you want to, and the detection software kicks in and sweeps the camera to where you want it to.

Looking at the its specs, MSI’s Dominator Pro laptop supports Intel Core i7 processors and GeForce GTX 980M graphics, with a 17.3-inch full HD anti-glare display, with a Super RAID 3 with four M.2 SSDs, with support for up to four displays.

“This concept notebook is only the beginning of our extensive partnership with Tobii – a partnership that will expand beyond hardware products and into the development of eye-tracking content and games,” said Eric Kuo, vice president of MSI.

Committed to creating a big difference in the global market, Tobii hopes that integrating its Eye-X tech directly into MSI’s gaming laptops will help prompt other game developers, suppliers and OEMs to support the eye-tracking scene.

With all the innovations in the world, there’s no doubt that MSI and Tobii can really come up with an outstanding gaming laptop. Soon, it will have a profound impact on the future of gaming, courtesy of these two giant companies.

For sure, tech-savvy consumers are eager to have a foretaste of this device. They just need to wait for the price and design of GT72 laptop to be announced soon.

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