Xbox subscribers, take advantage of these free games for the month of June

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Once again, Microsoft is giving three free games for its Xbox Live Gold members this month. Isn’t it exciting?

First on the list is Double Fine’s “Massive Chalice.” The game is a turn-based strategy game in the same vein of “Heroes of Might and Magic” and Sid Meier’s “Civilization” series. This turn based strategy game will be available throughout the month of June and can be purchased at $20 for non-Xbox Live with Gold members.

The other one is an Xbox One title – “Pool Nation FX.” It is a billiards simulator game with realistic backgrounds and improved physics to properly simulate the table game at its finest. What’s more exciting is that “Pool Nation FX,” which already appeared on the free list of games in April and May, gets another month of extension. So Xbox Live members with gold subscription may still download this virtual pool game anytime this month.

On the other hand, Xbox 360 owners can now download the highly acclaimed Avalance Studio’s “Just Cause 2″ for free, from June 1 to 15. Furthermore, gamers may download the “Thief,” on the second half of June. This fourth installment and soft reboot title of the “Thief” steal-action games will replace “Just Cause 2″ and will be available until June 30.

Aside from the free games for this month, Xbox is also offering discounts for Xbox Live Gold members. For Xbox One gamers, the “NBA 2K15,” “Risk,” “Trivial Pursuit Live,” “Monopoly Family Fun Pack,” and “Shape Up” are sold at 50 percent off; “Costume Quest 2″ is cheaper by 60 percent; while “Sparkle Unleashed” now costs 20 percent less.

Indeed, it’s a bunch of good treats coming from one of the world’s leading innovators. Who wouldn’t want these free offerings and discounts? Surely, all gold members would love to take advantage of these freebies.

If you’re not an Xbox Live Games gold member yet, subscribe now to avail this amazing treats from Microsoft. And rest assured that the aforementioned free games will surely bring you pure fun and excitement.

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