What are this month’s free games for Xbox owners?

Guess what Xbox gamers? Well ageing Xbox 360 machine gamers, that is.

You can now enjoy free games for the new and advanced Xbox One.

You read it right. All you have to do is become an Xbox Live Gold subscriber and you’ll get to take advantage of lots of free games.

Make sure to check out the free titles on the “next-gen” console, in your Xbox 360 dashboard.

So what are these games?


Starting off with “Rayman Legends” by Ubisoft. Regularly priced at $39.99, this game was released last year to current-gen consoles. You’re sure to enjoy playing the game as it has received good reviews.

Another one is the famous adventure game “Tomb Raider.” Otherwise priced at $19.99, you’ll be able to play as Lara Croft and help her uncover the secrets of a mysterious island for free for the month.

How about a rescue quest this time around? Well, you got “Bioshock: Infinite.” Usually priced at $29.99, the game centers around a threatened U.S. Cavalry veteran-turned-hired-gun Booker DeWitt who is out on a quest to rescue a girl locked up in an island in Colombia.

Of course there are more games available. So what are you waiting for? Check out your 360’s dashboard and get as much many games as you’re allowed to get!

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