What are the free Xbox Live games for April?

Hey, Xbox Live customers!

The most awaited time of the month is here. Xbox Live has officially announced the free games for the month of April.

But that’st not all. It’s also announced that for this month Xbox Live Gold subscribers will be getting two times the number of available free games, according to the latest announcement from Microsoft.

Remember that the usual number of free games is one for the Xbox One and two for the Xbox 360 console. This month, however, Microsoft is making available two free games on Xbox One and four free games on Xbox 360.

Now, isn’t that great?

So what are those games? Here they are:

Pool Nation FX (Xbox One)

A pool simulation game, Pool Nation FX lets players experience photo-realistic graphics and real-world physics as they navigate through a virtual game of pool. The game is normally priced at $13.99 and was first released to Xbox Live on March 26.

Fair warning though; if you’re looking for a high-packed action game, then Pool Nation FX is not for you.

Child of Light (Xbox One)


If you’re into fairy-tale, then Child of Light is the game for you. A fairy-tale inspired and a modern take on Final Fantasy-style Japanese RPGs, you’ll take on the role of Aurora to battle through hordes of dark minions in the world of Lemuria to save the galaxy.

Child of Light is usually priced at $14.99 on Xbox Live.

Terraria (Xbox 360)

A side-scrolling sandbox adventure game, Terraria is a huge indie hit from developer Re-Logic where the players will dig tunnels and build structures and of course, fight against monsters.

The game, which was released in 2011, is a must-play with a “classic RPG” style and uses a 2D platformer-style interface that gamers like you will surely enjoy.

Currently, the game sells for $14.99 on Xbox Live.

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag (Xbox 360)

Seriously, who hasn’t heard of the Assassin’s Creed saga?

Well, the fourth installment of the game is now free for Xbox 360. The game is actually priced at a usual $29.99. So you can’t afford to miss getting Creed IV for the month of April.

Anyway, in this particular installment you’ll get to enjoy an open world setting during the Golden Age of Piracy while taking comment of large sailing vessels boasting of 18th century firepower.

So, are you happy with April’s selection of free games?

How about for the month of May? What games would you like to try out for free?

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