Hurry and take advantage of 6 free exclusive games for PS3, PS4, and PS Vita this July!

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For sure, many PSP users have been eagerly waiting for the free games on PS4 and PS3 gaming consoles this month. No need to wait for long because Sony Corp is ready to release six new games for its PlayStation Plus subscribers in Europe and North America on July 7.

As part of PlayStation’s fifth anniversary this year, Sony offers free games for July to attract its PS Plus users. New freebies in the July pack include games from different genres, including arcade, multi-player soccer game, multidirectional shooter video game and more.

The six free exclusive games that the PS Plus subscribers can get this month are the following: Rocket league, Styx: Master of Shadows, MouseCraft, Entwined, Rain, and Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions Evolved. The PSP Plus customers are definitely happy and thrilled with this kind of offering from Sony.

According to the PlayStation Blog, PlayStation Plus clients will be receiving four playable PS4 games, two of which are compatible with PS3 and PS Vita and two exclusives for PS3 and PS Vita only this July.

The first in the list is “Rocket League,” a multiplayer arcade game for PS4 that focuses on rocket-powered cars and teamwork to score points.

Next is “Styx: Master of Shadows,” a dark fantasy stealth game that is sure to attract RPG fans.

The fans will also have to download “Entwined” for free. This is an adventure game that spans a strange storyline of going through nine lifetimes in the form of a bird and fish. The player goes through the game by making the two characters meet and become united in infinity.

Now, if you’re into puzzle games, “MouseCraft” might be the right game for you. The player controls the mice towards the cheese through different difficulty levels that is sure to challenge new and seasoned puzzle masters.

On the other hand, the exclusive PS3 game is “Rain,” a tale where a boy goes on a journey where he uses protective powers of the rain to save – not just any girl, but an invisible girl at that, from ghostly creatures.

The last game in six titles is an exclusive one for the PS Vita console. The arcade shooter game “Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions Evolved” involves a lot of geometric shapes.

The indie titles remain downloadable for free during the entire month for members of PlayStation Plus, which comes in monthly ($9.99) and annual subscription ($49.99).

These free games on the PS Plus will surely be a good treat for Sony PS fans. Truly, the company has never failed to give its subscribers fun and entertainment every month. So, to all the PS users out there, hurry and take advantage of these freebies!

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