Excited for Sony’s free games this August? Check out some giveaway lineup predictions now!

psp free games

Gamers are certainly getting more excited as the month of August draws near. And for a very good reason. The lineup of free games that the Sony’s Playstation Plus will offer next month will soon be announced.

I bet, many avid PSP fans like you are already speculating the future lineup of the freebies. As gamers, it’s normal to highly anticipate the monthly game giveaway of PlayStation Plus. The giveaways make each month extra special for all the PSP enthusiasts.

So, what will be those thrilling games that can give you a rush of excitement? Well, let me give you some predictions on the Sony’s set of free games in August 2015.

Do you wish for a triple-A title and a yet-to-be released game next month? Well, you can have it, if only PSP consoles will grant your wish.

If you visit the PlayStation Forums, you’ll see the predictions listed by gamers for next month’s freebies.

Speculations abound that the triple-A title “Watch Dogs” will be debuted by Sony next month as a free game for PlayStation Plus.

Another highly-speculated game that could be revealed through PSP consoles is “Galak-Z: The Dimensional.” This game has not yet been released but it’s slated to debut on August 4, and may be included in the list of freebies for PlayStation Plus members. Sony might use the PSP program to launch the game, same with what it did last month with the PlayStation 4-exclusive “Rocket League.”

As described by developer 17-BIT, “Galak-Z: The Dimensional” is an animated arcade shooter game. It is set in space and gamers control a starship to blast their way through enemy forces.

The game will arrive for the PlayStation 4 next month, but its PC version does not have a formal release date yet. Originally, the development studio was aiming to release the game on the PlayStation Vita as well but decided to call off it.

As for the other PSP games likely to come out next month, some of these include “Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture,” “Gauntlet: Slayer Edition,” “Resident Evil HD,” “Freedom Wars,” “Metal Slug 3″ and “Grim Fandango Remastered.”

The Gospel Herald also reported that there’s a chance “Resident Evil HD” would be offered for both the PS3 and PS4. The site stated that PS3 players might see “Watch Dogs” being offered, while PS4 owners may get “Limbo.” Additionally, PS Vita gamers might be able to download “Freedom Wars.”

Well, these are just mere game predictions because the Sony Company has not yet issued official statement regarding their monthly freebies. Since there is no press release yet, let us just wait for a few more days. Anyway, the techie company always gives us fun and excitement, so there’s no doubt that August giveaways will be thrilling either!

While waiting for the good news, just relax and enjoy the other games available on PlayStation Plus. Happy gaming!

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